Success Stories

Our team inspires us every day, tackling unique challenges and addressing the important needs of our customers with innovative and thoughtful solutions. We are proud of each individual on our team and we are continually impressed by their ability to adapt to change in intelligent ways to suit a modern government environment while keeping with the core values of agencies across America. Through their knowledge and innovative approaches, the Freedom team has soared at the agencies where they work. Some notable successes include: 

  • Conceived of and developed agency graphics and stories to convey new missions to the American public
  • Engaged with millions of social media users and grew usership to top government social accounts across a variety of platforms
  • Conducted outreach events in all 50 states reaching audiences spanning multiple generations
  • Hosted meetings serving top leadership in the U.S. government 
  • Collaborated with industry and international partners to expand reach across the globe
  • Regularly informed key stakeholders on Capital Hill of mission-critical activities 
  • Prepared event materials for legislature, senior officials, local engagements, community events, and for educators and museums across the country 
  • Championed and grew private partnerships with for-profit companies for greater reach of government initiatives